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The new theme PS178 is designed for fashion shops. The modern and vogue style of PS178 can attracts most young fashionable customers. It shows the designer`s ingenuity. This template is also good for clothes shops, trousers shops, appliance shops, sports stores and so on. Free support to upgrade the version is available after your purchase.


Shop Type

The theme is designed for fashion shops, clothes shops, trousers shops, domestic appliance stores, sports stores, electronic products stores, decorative lighting stores, etc.


fashion wear, clothes, trousers, domestic appliance, sport equipment, decorative lighting, electronic products




  1. 1. New for Prestashop v1.4.8.2 stable
  2. 2. All advertising images, image size and links can be changed on your admin panel.


Drop-Down Menu

This new drop-down menu supports two levels of sub menus for each of its tabs, you can add some brands in it also. It's a good solution to trim down long menu that is overwhelming the screen space.


Scroll News

This is a new module to let your customers know the preferential information and other information rapidly. These kinds of news are updating in the method of sliding. You can create scroll news on your admin panel.


Categories of New Products

This new module can display new products on the home page - by category! You can change the categories ID and the number of new products in your admin panel. You can upload advertising images for each category also.


Categories of Bestseller Products

This new module can display 10 bestseller products under 3 categories, you can change the categories ID and the number of bestseller products in your admin panel.


Cross-selling on Cart

This module provides a "users who bought this, also bought" panel to the shopping cart page. It cleverly works out the most relevant "also bought" product based on counting the products that were also bought by other customers.


Compatible in: Firefox, Internet Explorer 6- 7 - 8 - 9, Chrome, Safari, Opera





  1. 2012-05-31 v1.0 for Prestashop v1.4.8.2

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